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Ever heard about the Valley of the Kings? There are huge limestone mountains about 5 kilometers away from the city of Cairo in Egypt. These mountains are also called the Valley of the Kings. Besides this historical surprise, this valley hides many secrets. Excavation work has been going on in King’s Valley for the last 200 years. Once again, visitors are welcome.

Mystery of Egyptian King Tutankhamun

About 4,500 years ago, when the kings of Egypt died, they were buried in pyramids. Inside the pyramids, different chambers were created in which the king as well as all his treasures were decorated. Ancient Egyptians believed that after the death of a person, all this treasure would be useful for him in the afterlife.

But it took a lot of time to build such large pyramids. Experts and researchers believe that as time passed, the process of making pyramids ended, and then these limestone mountains were chosen to bury the kings and that is why this place is also called the Valley of the Kings.

Valley of the kings Tutankhamun Egypt

It is believed that the King of Ancient Egypt before his death had his chamber, death mask and his coffin prepared with gold, so that after his death, he would be buried and the chamber closed immediately.

In the last 200 years, 65 tombs have been discovered in this valley, but most of the tombs were found to have empty chambers. These chambers, which were built earlier, were periodically found and looted by looters, leaving no treasure at all, while in many chambers, only the King’s mummies were left.

In 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter was working at his site in the Kings Valley when he suddenly saw a staircase-like step leading into the mountain. Seeing that, Carter started the excavation work at this place.

Howard Carter discovered the intact tomb of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Tutankhamun

It was confirmed that these steps inside the mountain must lead to a secret place. After several feet of digging, the scene was hard to believe. It was found that it was the tomb whose entrance was closed 3 thousand years ago.

Howard Carter was now going to see a scene that no one had seen for the last three thousand years by removing the stones placed in front of the entrance. When Howard Carter went inside and saw that the entire chamber was filled with thousands of treasures. It was a sight that had never been seen before. All the major objects in this chamber were made of gold, including jewelry, statues, chariots, boards, and linen cloths were also there.

Mystery of Egyptian King Tutankhamun

There was another chamber inside the tomb where there was a mummy in a gold coffin which was very well preserved and the cover was of 90 kg pure gold. The colors of the paintings on the walls of the burier chamber were still very bright.

The tomb, which was far from the reach of the looters, was found in its original condition. But now it brought new questions for the researchers and archaeologists. Which king’s mummy inside the tomb was, what do the paintings inside the king’s burier chamber indicate, and how were the other tombs in the Kings Valley looted except this? These were some questions that researchers and archaeologists needed to know.

painting inside of Tutankhamun's tomb

So when the DNA test was done on the mummy inside the dome, what was revealed surprised everyone. Mummy was of 18-year-old king. DNA was matched with the DNA of another mummy found in Kings Valley, and it was found that his father’s mummy was found in Tomb No. 55, while his mother’s mummy was found in Tomb No. 35.

The name of this king was Tutankhamun original name Tutankhaten and after the death of his father, when he became the king, he was only 8 years old, that means, after only 10 years of his reign, he also died at the age of 18. Now it was known that this mummy was of Tutankhamun. But to find out the answer to other questions related to this discovery, there was not enough technology in that era.

Finally, in 1939, Howard Carter who found the tomb of the 18th Dynasty King Tutankhamun also passed away. The research work on the tomb also stopped but after many years when the technology boom came, the research work started once again to solve the mystery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Egyptologist Alia Ismail with the help of technology entered the field to solve the Mysteries of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Why the tomb of Tutankhamun was spared from the looters?

They wanted to know about the King’s life when he was alive 3 thousand years ago and why this tomb was spared from the looters. First of all, to understand the wall painting of the chamber, they scanned it and ran it in the software, then one by one, all the secrets were revealed.

When the scan of the wall painting was zoomed in, paintbrush marks were still clearly visible. Alia said that these marks appear when a paintbrush is run over wet plaster because the chamber is built 26 feet inside the mountain and there is no air crossing. That’s why it is understood that when this painting was done, the plaster applied on the wall was wet, maybe they had very little time, so they started painting on the wet plaster.

wet paintings inside king Tutankhamun's tomb

But one thing was not understood. What happened to this tomb, so much decorated and dug with so much effort, that they did not even have enough time to wait for the plaster to dry? To know this the DNA test of the mummy was again looked at, but this time what came out was a really big discovery.

From the latest DNA report, it was found that when King Tutankhamun died, he was only 18 years old but he was suffering from many diseases at the same time. His left leg was not working, his backbone was crooked and he had several attacks of malaria. Doctors said that he died suddenly due to malaria and perhaps because of this, the tomb makers had less time because their King died suddenly.

The latest DNA report also revealed that both King’s father and his mother were siblings. According to the latest medical science, when a person marries a blood relative, the chances of having congenital diseases in their children also increase.

King Tutankhamun's wife

Why was the tomb of Tutankhamun not looted?

Yes, Now why was the tomb of Tutankhamun not looted like the other tombs in the Kings Valley? When the tomb was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922, there were many stones lying at the tomb’s entrance. These type of stones were not present at the entrance of other tombs, that’s why the looters probably did not see it, but if these stones were not at the entrance of other domes, how did they come to the tomb of Tutankhamun?

It was necessary to analyze the place with the help of drones. When Alia Ismail and her team watched the drone footage, they saw a water passage on the mountain. The stones falling from the mountains were washed away by the pressure of the water passing through here and collected at the entrance of the tomb and that’s why the entrance of the tomb of Tutankhamun was completely blocked.

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